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GWK=Good With Kids, GWD=Good With Dogs, GWC=Good With Cats HB=HouseBroken
DLH=Domestic Long Hair, DMH=Domestic Medium Hair, DSH=Domestic Short Hair
Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0685]   Mason
Bombay,  black,  Male neutered,  4 months  
STRAY: Hamilton Heights
Nice social cat who enjoys attention. Quite young, impressionable and looking for a home to call his own.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0680]   Brother
Bombay,  black,  Male neutered,  7 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Brother is quite friendly, too. And what a big bunch of love he is! He likes to be petted, but he may tend to get a little over stimulated. He seems like a nice, affectionate cat.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0679]   Kimbal Musk
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Male Intact,  8 Mo  
STRAY: Knightmare Dr. Corvallis
Kimbal Musk is affectionate and will gently ask for attention by tapping your leg with his paws. Quiet and devoted to making your day purrrfect!
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0670]   Trillium
American Short Hair,  torbie,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
STRAY: Main Street in Victor
By the way her left ear looks, Trillium must have spent some time outdoors with some not-so-friendly cats. This experience hasn't dampened her love for attention or made her exceptionally wary of the other shelter cats, though. Trillium is affectionate, friendly, and looking for a caring person who will provide this good-natured kitty a home of her own.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0669]   Baby
Siamese,  lilac point,  Male neutered,  10 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Baby was very friendly and affectionate, but he's still a little intimidated by the new surroundings. Baby never lived with children and stayed quiet, indoors with a low key home.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0654]   Senna
Domestic Long Hair,  buff,  Female spayed,  7 yrs.  
STRAY: New Hope Lane, Stevensville
What can you say about Senna except what a love! Her coat is beautiful and silky, and her gorgeous, soulful eyes are irresistible. She is very affectionate and is sweet to people and cats alike. Senna is a delight.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0598]   Hobbs
Domestic Short Hair,  orange/white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr  
STRAY: Stevensville Airport RD
There are so many wonderful, loving cats that come to the shelter, but some really stand out as being extra special. Hobbs is one of those cats who will tug at your heart and make a lasting impression. He is so sweet and affectionate. He's got an adorable face and the chinchilla soft coat. He will make some very lucky person a wonderful, loving companion to snuggle with.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-0578]   Hazel
Domestic Medium Hair,  torti,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
STRAY: Bass Lane Corvallis
Hazel is friendly, but not too pushy. She meows softly when you talk to her. Super cuddly, doesn't seem to mind other cats in her space. No tortitude coming from this girl!
[Picture] 2/1/2018   [18-0668]   Lilly
DLH//Maine Coon X,  brown tabby,  Female spayed,  13 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Lilly is what some might consider older, but she still has a lot of love to give. She is very affectionate and loves to be petted. This sweet, long-haired beauty would love to share a warm chair and some quiet, relaxing time with you.
[Picture] 2/1/2018   [18-0652]   Joan Baez
American Short Hair,  white/brown tabby,  Female spayed,  5 yrs.  
STRAY: Grundy - Hamilton, MT
Pleasant, quiet, and petite. Joan Baez seeks attention but worrisome of her surroundings. Lots of commotion happens at the shelter and a well balanced home would be appreciated by her.
[Picture] 2/1/2018   [18-0592]   Woody Guthrie
American Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  5 yrs.  
STRAY: Grundy - Hamilton, MT
Set Woody Guthrie up for success with a high perch, quiet atmosphere and regularity. Much affection will come out on this guy, lots of reaching out with his paw and initiating interaction with his humans!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-6500]   Bunny
American Short Hair,  torbie,  Female spayed,  11 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Bunny is disabled and will require a low profile home. She may lack the mobility BUT this girl is so friendly, loves to be held, great at detecting a stressful person and drools when happy! Wonderful girl!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0661]   Autumn
American Short Hair,  calico,  Female spayed,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Autumn has beautiful markings and a lovely personality to go with them. She enjoys petting and is happy to see you when you walk in the door. She doesn't seem to mind the other cats too much, and even finds a buddy to snuggle up with occasionally. Wouldn't she make a stunning addition to your home when she's curled up in a cozy sunny spot enjoying your company?
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0653]   Graffiti
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Female spayed,  7 Mo  
STRAY: Corvallis
Hopeful in finding a home for this wild girl! A quiet atmosphere and lots of play... even a second kitten along with helps personality blossom!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0644]   Equinox
Domestic Medium Hair,  black,  Male neutered,  10 yrs.  
STRAY: Hamilton
It looks like Equinox has been through a lot in his life, but apparently his experiences haven't been all bad because his cheery outlook hasn't been diminished. Equinox would love nothing more than to spend time with his favorite human and tell you how appreciative he is be with you.
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0629]   Newt
American Short Hair,  grey/white,  Male neutered,  7 Mo  
STRAY: Ricketts RD Hamilton
Most scared ones do well with the right home. A quiet atmosphere and lots of play... even a second kitten along with helps personality blossom! Newt isn't the worse of them but will need more attention.
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0600]   Bosephus
American Short Hair,  grey tabby,  Male neutered,  7 yrs.  
STRAY: Grantsdale RD - Hamilton
Bosephus is nice, middle-aged gentleman who enjoys attention. He's a little unsure about his new surroundings and seems a bit shy, but with time and patience, he will make a wonderful addition to a loving home.
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0571]   Loretta
Bombay,  black,  Female spayed,  9 yrs.  
STRAY: Sunnyside Cemetery RD, Stevensville
Must have been an indoor kitty, friendly with people, good-natured, laid back lady who doesn't seem to be too upset in her new surroundings with the other cats. Come adopt Loretta!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0567]   Mary
Maine Coon X,  calico,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
STRAY: Fish Hatchery Area - Hamilton MT
Not certain on the full personality on Mary but she seems to be doing well, at first not welcoming any affection, now she is trusting. It may take this girl a month to become comfortable but well worth the try!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0546]   Elon Musk
Domestic Short Hair,  black with white chest,  Male neutered,  8 Mo  
STRAY: West Fork Road
Elon Musk is a sleek, handsome young cat who likes to entertain himself with cat toys and is sure to entertain you in the process. He's friendly with the other cats and has a lot of energy, but when it's time to relax he's all in for that, too.
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0083]   Astair
American Short Hair,  grey tabby,  Male neutered,  10 yrs.  
Very affectionate Astair will sway you his way. Talkative, adores people. LOVES his treats! He does take a for-life medication and is getting healthier. Astair is a retired guy looking for a retirement home!
[Picture] 12/21/2017   [17-0527]   Timmy
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  4 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Tri-pod Timmy is here and waiting for you to take him home, he is full of energy, swipes at the dogs with his phantom leg, loves catnip and treats!
[Picture] 12/20/2017   [17-1702]   Kiah
Maine Coon X,  black/tan tabby,  Female spayed,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: This cat rules the roost! So sweet, loves to be indoors, a bit timid around other cats but sure does love people! Kiah is an avid hunter, catnipper and pole scratcher.
[Picture] 12/20/2017   [17-0622]   Nicky
Siberian,  brown tabby,  Female spayed,  6 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Nicky is very friendly but will shy away from the other cats, been in a household with kids and a dog. Luxurious medium hair coat, and nice even markings!
[Picture] 12/20/2017   [17-0618]   Peter Piper
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  5 Mo  
STRAY: Sleeping Child
We try to home shy to semi wild kitties to be house cats... Most will do well with the right home. Sometimes a quiet atmosphere and lots of play... even a second kitten along with helps personality blossom!
[Picture] 12/20/2017   [17-0603]   Makani
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Female spayed,  6 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Makani is such a pretty little girl. She is very sweet and curious, too. She's a little timid around the other cats, but she's young and she might like to be adopted with a buddy. Petite and playful!
[Picture] 12/20/2017   [17-0082]   Bond
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Bond enjoys being talked to and getting some pets on his head. He rolls over and rubs very affectionately. May seem withdrawn in the room but appreciates any positive attention he can get.
[Picture] 12/20/2017   [17-0077]   Church
American Short Hair,  grey/white tux,  Male neutered,  4 Yr  
A cat with the mind of his own, Church sometimes is cordial with treats and some of the time he is quite cranky... Pick your battles with this one, may a heated shop be in his future!
[Picture] 11/21/2017   [17-0056]   Wisp
Persian X,  grey,  Female spayed,  3 months  
OWNER TURN IN: This little furball is in search of a home, Wisp does well being held but needs extra love to build confidence! What a great new winter project for an enduring companion!
[Picture] 10/15/2017   [17-0034]   Cadet
British Shorthair X,  black tabby,  Male neutered,  5 yrs.  
STRAY: Hamilton
This guy is a big, handsome fellow who is very friendly and enjoys attention. Cadet looks a little irritable, but he is really just yearning to find a home where he will receive the affection he deserves. Cadet doesn't seem to be bothered by the other cats.
[Picture] 9/13/2017   [17-6737]   Jensen
DSH,  orange/white,  Male neutered,  8 months  
As a soft and scared little guy can be Jensen has spent 6 months + here and hasn't come out of his shell, he's not aggressive just timid... treats, sleep and play are some of Jensen's favorite things! Quiet, indoor home would be preferred.
[Picture] 9/13/2017   [17-6665]   Tux
Persian X,  black/white,  Male neutered,  4 Yr  
STRAY: Corvallis
Tux is a real handsome guy, will need a good grooming but quite approachable, calm, has a great purr motor. Tux talks, rubs, follows and doesn't mind dogs either... Someone is missing out on a really great feline!
[Picture] 9/13/2017   [17-6654]   Spook
Burmese,  blue lynx point,  Female spayed,  12 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Spook may be on the older side but she likes to play with stringed toys, she does have a catitude when it comes to playing... Enjoys a routine driven home, a daily treat and a nice bed to perch on. Spook has lived with a dog, but is frightened of horses. Very beautiful kitty!
[Picture] 9/13/2017   [17-0003]   Gypsy
American Short Hair,  brown tabby,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
STRAY: Corvallis - Summerdale
Chirp! Chirp! ... What is that? ... Gypsy? Hey! This cat chirps!... Gypsy is quite the snuggler and enjoys napping on her human. This girl is easygoing, young and has a great disposition.
[Picture] 8/17/2017   [17-6713]   Eve
Maine Coon X,  orange,  Female spayed,  11 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Elderly cats usually don't like change and Eve is one of those cats. She liked her single-hood and quiet home. Very sweet with people and enjoys being petted... She doesn't enjoy the company of the other cats, but she's still getting used to her new surroundings and may be more comfortable with roommates at some point. Eve seems like a lady who would enjoy a good cuddle and a sunny spot in which to relax.
[Picture] 8/2/2017   [17-6637]   Raven
DSH,  black,  Female spayed,  3 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Help! I need socialized! I am quite scared and sometimes not very friendly but I am still willing to find a family that will take me in and give me a home…
[Picture] 6/21/2017   [17-6055]   Minpin
American Short Hair,  black/tan tabby,  Male neutered,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Other then being bullied on by the other cats, Minpin doesn't seem to be bothered by them, he has lived with small dogs, lays on his back when he sleeps, and it sure shows that he likes his food!
[Picture] 5/24/2017   [17-6012]   Turtle
American Short Hair,  torti,  Female spayed,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Turtle is shy with the cats in the room and tends to stay away; she wants human attention but will need a quieter home. Turtle will do best in an adult home; likes her head petted and sometimes gets over-stimulated and play-bites may occur.
[Picture] 3/1/2017   [17-6465]   Calli
DLH,  dilute calico,  Female spayed,  10 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Very friendly, walks around the room with you and waits for her pets. Callie is a senior who is doing well here, she doesn't seem upset being around the other cats, she likes a scratch post, eats, drinks and is merry! This long haired beauty needs a lap to relax on!
[Picture] 5/19/2016   [16-5642]   Herschel
DSH,  grey/white,  Male neutered,  6 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Soft to the touch, great big green eyes, gentle disposition, doesn't strive for attention. Herschel is searching for his new home. Prefers the indoors. Check out this affectionate guy!
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