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Cut Bank Animal Shelter
113 East Main
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Contact (406) - 391-2273


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The Cut Bank Animal Shelter is the City's Animal Control Facility. All incoming animals to this facility are strays or abandoned animals, but all of them will become available for adoption if unclaimed by their owners. We also accept owner surrendered animals. Our adoption fees are minimal. The animals are worked with for socialization and obedience.

The animal shelter houses strays and does adoptions. If you're missing a pet, planning to adopt, or just plain curious, please call 406-391-2273 to schedule a visit or email Our hours are by appointment only. We would love to show you around and have you meet the dogs. Our goal is to place each animal in a loving environment.

We scan all animals entering our shelter for microchips, so that no pet loses it's family.

We teach free dog obedience classes by a former K-9 officer on one weekend in April and September from 1-4 p.m. between the tennis court park and the Cut Bank High School Auto Shop building. Please contact us for more information. If you are interested, call me at (406) 391-2273 or email for details. Shelter information is updated when an animal is added or adopted.

Tina Gauthier
Special Services Officer

Joseph Gauthier