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GWK=Good With Kids, GWD=Good With Dogs, GWC=Good With Cats HB=HouseBroken
DLH=Domestic Long Hair, DMH=Domestic Medium Hair, DSH=Domestic Short Hair
Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 11/12/2017   [14-2370]   Whiskers
DSH,  black/white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: We are relatively sure Whiskers had a rough start to life but fortunately she was brought to us. She can be very shy so a volunteer fostered her to see how she did in the home. For two weeks she hid under a bed only coming out for necessities and to play when she figured she was all alone. Then one day she decided maybe the people were nice and out she would come for love and purr sessions. She is a darling. She has silky black and white fur and long Fu Manchu whiskers (they are record setting). What a joy she will be for a single person or an older couple. Her adoption has been reduced by a shelter angel.
[Picture] 11/11/2017   [10-1426]   Gabby
DSH,  tortie,  Female,  Adult  
[Picture] 11/6/2017   [17-3159]   Tootsie
Maine Coon,  tortoiseshell,  Female spayed,  Older Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Very quiet. Very beautiful. She claims her own space with grace. She loves to be petted but is not good with small children
[Picture] 11/3/2017   [17-3139a]   Zane
DSH,  gray with tabby stripes,  Female,  Young Adult  
This little girl was picked up as a stray. She is the softest gray kitty who loves attention but will wait politely until you give it to her.
[Picture] 11/2/2017   [16-2797]   Stormy
DSH,  calico,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: She's a pretty girl who likes to be by herself but will definitely come around for pets. She gets along well with others but doesn't go out of her way to be social. She is very loving and will follow people around though!
[Picture] 11/2/2017   [16-2784]   Blossom
DSH,  black/white with white blaze,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: This is a kitty that loves to be loved. She was brought in originally a year ago with 30 other kittens and was snapped up. Unfortunately her owners couldn't keep her due to allergy issues. She comes to greet all who walk in, tail up, eager for love.
[Picture] 10/22/2017   [17-3139]   Cinnamon
DSH,  tortoiseshell,  Female spayed,  3 Yr  
Cinnamon's beauty has to be seen to be appreciated. She is the loveliest mix of colors! She looks like a autumn day; golds and browns and reds. Her personality is as beautiful as she is. Found as a stray, she was brought in and has adjusted well. She loves to be held, petted and will shoulder walk. She also gets along with the other cats just fine.
9/15/2017   [17-3122]   Polly
DSH,  black,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
Polly is a tiny thing with a big heart. She came in with four kittens and has made the shelter her own home. She loves everyone, tolerates other cats and has the cutest crooked tail ever!
[Picture] 9/14/2017   [17-3133]   Spunky
DLH,  calico,  Female spayed,  Kitten  
Spunky the kitten is named Spunky because for a while it didn't look like we were going to save her. She was picked up as a stray. But she was determined to hang on and is now healthy and ready for her home. She has the cutest little brown mustache and sweet, clear eyes. She loves to be scratched behind the ears too and has an exceptional purr. She will take some quiet cuddling to help her relax with people. Life was pretty hard on her to start but she is more than willing to be purrsuaded
[Picture] 8/19/2017   [14-2216]   Enyo Noir
DSH,  black,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Enyo Noir's owner passed away and so she has been returned to the shelter to await a new owner. She loves people and will come down from her high perch for hugs. She also likes to go outside.
[Picture] 8/5/2017   [17-3111]   Charlie
DSH,  black/white,  Male,  Adult  
STRAY: Libby
Charlie is a black and white cat who came to us in very bad shape. He was starving and something happened to make him lose most of his hair and cause sores. He tolerated the bathes with great patience, as well as being confined while he healed. Now he is covered in a beautiful, softy black and white fur and is always ready for more wet cat food. His chin juts out just a bit, like he's being stubborn, but it is from what looks to be an old break that healed badly. He gets along well with the other cats and takes everything in stride with a grace that is admirable. He will make someone a wonderful companion.
[Picture] 11/1/2016   [16-2931]   Autumn
DSH,  black with a little white on chest,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
Autumn came to us very frightened and malnourished. She is slowly learning to trust people and will allow some petting now and will even purr. She loves wet food and feathers. She gets along well with other cats
[Picture] 9/26/2016   [16-2884]   Cinder
DSH,  black,  Female,  Young Adult  
Cinder has a clipped ear because she was thought to be feral. She is not. She's a very shy girl who loves wet food and is starting to enjoy being petted. She is still getting used to humans she no longer hides and will allow petting.
[Picture] 7/16/2016   [16-2764]   Baby Girl
DLH,  black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Baby Girl came in with Cleo and Char when their owner moved out of state and could not take them. Baby Girl is the Black Beauty of the batch with the cutest white tuffs in her ears and lighter fur around her ruff. Baby Girl is also the most shy. She still likes her attention but doesn't come forward for it. As would be expected, she does well with other cats and will fit in most any cat-lover's home. (This cat is microchipped.)
5/15/2016   [16-2727]   Princess Bubbles
DMH,  black/white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Princess Bubbles is a sassy lady. She lets you know what she has received just the right amount of adoration. Her name fits her well. She is a beauty and one can't help but love her determination to be her own cat. (Princess Bubbles is microchipped)
[Picture] 5/1/2016   [16-2718]   Soot
DSH,  black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Little Soot is quite shy and will hide if too many people are around. When the crowd clears, she comes out and shows her friendly, playful personality. She will need a quiet home where that personality can shine. She will be a wonderful companion. (This cat is microchipped.)
[Picture] 8/15/2015   [15-2588]   Uno
DSH,  black/white tuxedo,  Male,  Young Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Uno has been with us for nearly two years. He was a very very shy boy up until this last year and is just now starting to come out of his shell. He is a beautiful boy, with distinct markings and a sweet personality. This last year he had to have all his teeth removed due to severe gum recession and has done just fine though he loves his wet food, something that has helped him accept people. Uno would need to be adopted with another KPFL kitty. Having spent most of his life in the shelter, he would need another to reassure him. He and BB are BFFs. And he and Soot love each other too. He gets along very well with other cats and is often seen rubbing cheeks with them. If you could provide Uno with his special home, please come see him.
[Picture] 4/21/2015   [15-2496]   Maggie
DSH,  black tabby,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Maggie is a beautiful tabby who came to us as a very scared stray. Who knows what happens to these poor cats when they are on their own. We can be sure it wasn't very positive in her case. She has gradually become more sure of us and will now sit on a lap and enjoy being petted. She will still hang out in a hidey hole but it is so good to see her coming into her own. We are recommending a quiet home where she can adjust to one person or a small family and be the wonderful companion we know is just waiting to emerge. (Maggie is microchipped.)
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