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Resident Cat List

GWK=Good With Kids, GWD=Good With Dogs, GWC=Good With Cats HB=HouseBroken
DLH=Domestic Long Hair, DMH=Domestic Medium Hair, DSH=Domestic Short Hair
Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 8/15/2003   [03-015]   Cagney
DMH,  blue cream,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Cagney is a real beauty! Because of the shape of her head and her beautiful coat we believe Cagney is a Persian mix. She is certainly a bundle of energy and so cute to look at. Let us introduce you to her!
[Picture] 8/15/2003   [03-014]   Lacy
DMH Persian X,  buff/cream,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Lacy and her sister Cagney were sick little kittens when they came to the Sanctuary. They have since recovered and are looking for a loving home. We believe Lacy is a Persian mix because of the shape of her head and eyes and her beautiful coat. Come and meet her!
7/16/2003   [03-008]   Serena
DMH,  black/silver; microchipped,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Serena is at the Sanctuary with all her littermates and their mother. She is a playful little girl who loves to cuddle!
[Picture] 7/16/2003   [03-006]   Kendra
Siamese X,  lynx point; microchipped,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Kendra is a very busy little girl. She loves to play and is waiting to add enjoyment and fun to your home!
[Picture] 2/1/2003   [03-003]   Laddie
DSH / Bobtail,  white with black,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Laddie is an extremely friendly and cuddly cat! He has a bob-tail which adds to his good looks. Laddie loves attention, is GWK and GWD. Come and meet him at the Sanctuary!
[Picture] 8/1/2002   [02-062]   Doodles
DSH,  mackeral tabby,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Doodles, her mother, and 2 littermates were brought to the Sanctuary by their human caretaker who found herself homeless. She knew that these kittens needed to be provided for and wanted them to find new homes. Doodles is a loving and smart kitten who is just waiting for the right family to take her home. Please come and meet Doodles at the Sanctuary!
[Picture] 8/1/2002   [02-061]   Tootsie
DSH,  marble tabby,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Tootsie is one of 3 kittens who were surrendered to LCCS with their mother. Tootsie is cute and loves to play with the other kittens. She also likes to follow our volunteers around in the hopes of getting a little attention. If you have time to give Tootsie some attention she would be happy to visit with you.
[Picture] 8/1/2002   [02-059]   Molly
DSH,  gray,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Molly is a beautiful, young gray female who was dropped off with her 3 kittens. She came with a lot of attitude and energy. We think she's also glad to find someone else to entertain her 3 kittens! Molly has an attractive gray coat and gold colored eyes.
[Picture] 6/5/2002   [02-051]   Sophia
DLH,  calico,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Poor Sophia was found with her one kitten. This cat has never been spayed and has probably produced a large number of kittens throughout her lifetime. Now is time for her to be taken care of. Sophia is going to be an even more beautiful cat after she gains some weight back and rids herself of her last kitten ever. Sophia deserves a better life than she has known until now. Please consider giving her that second chance.
[Picture] 6/5/2002   [02-049]   Dandi
DSH,  buff/white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Dandi is a handsome tiny boy. He has a beautiful pale orange coat which has to be seen to be appreciated. Not to mention his rather big ears! We're sure he'll grow into them later on. Dandi is waiting to meet you at the Sanctuary.
[Picture] 5/10/2002   [02-036]   Mischief
DSH,  brown, black with white tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Mischief, his mother Callie, and 3 other littermates were no longer wanted by their family. Since someone had been very mean to Callie we are glad her babies have a chance at a safe and happier home. Please come by and meet this special family, we're sure there is one you will just fall in love with.
[Picture] 5/10/2002   [02-033]   Freckles
DSH,  Tortoiseshell,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Freckle's mother is Callie. Like her mother, Freckles is a dark Tortie kitten who will certainly grow into a beautiful cat. What a cutie!
[Picture] 5/10/2002   [02-031]   Desi
DSH, Bobtail,  Black and white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Desi's mother is Betty Boop. And just like her mother, Desi has a little bobtail! She is an adorable and social kitten just waiting for a home of her own.
[Picture] 5/10/2002   [02-027]   Betty Boop
DMH,  Black and white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Betty Boop is a real hoot! She arrived at the Sanctuary with her litter, and mother and babies are all waiting to be adopted. Betty Boop comes with a demanding meow. She has a lot to say and is not shy about saying it either! Betty Boop is a loving young cat who likes to cuddle and play. She gets along well with other cats but is waiting for a home of her own.
[Picture] 5/10/2002   [02-025]   BJ
DSH,  brown, black striped tabby,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: BJ and his 3 other brothers are all waiting for a home. BJ is the runt of his litter but what he lacks in size he does not lack in attitude. He is all kitten!
[Picture] 5/10/2002   [02-023]   Spider
DSH,  black,  Male neutered,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Spider, his mother, and 3 littermates were turned in to the Billings Animal Shelter. The Shelter had no room for these little guys so LCCS came for them. Spider is a tiny little guy and looks an awful lot like his brother Monkey.
[Picture] 4/28/2002   [02-021]   Sally
DSH,  black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Sally's mother was abandoned when she became pregnant with Sally and her 2 sisters. The kittens and their mother were living in the abandoned house when an alert neighbor called LCCS to the rescue. Sally is a typical kitty, full of energy and ready to go. Look at that face!
[Picture] 4/28/2002   [02-017]   Natalie
DSH,  black/white,  Female spayed,  Adult  
ABANDONED: South 26th St.
Natalie was left behind when her family moved and didn't take her. A concerned neighbor worried about Natalie when she seemed to be losing a large amount of weight. When we went to rescue Natalie from the abandoned house we found out the cause for her weight loss - she had just had 3 babies! Natalie is now safe at the Sanctuary and thriving. She is a real people cat who loves to play and get all the attention she can. Please come and meet this adorable cat!
[Picture] 3/27/2002   [02-009]   Heather
DSH,  blue cream calico,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Heather was born at the Sanctuary when her mother met up with a feral mate. Heather takes after her father in that she is shy and a bit skittish. She loves attention though and once you coax her to your lap you won't get rid of her. Heather has a most unusual coat, a beautiful light colored tortie. She is a small cat with a quiet voice. Heather will be a very loyal companion when she is in a home that offers her lots of the one-on-one attention she craves.
[Picture] 1/1/2002   [02-003]   Checkers
DSH,  black/white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
Checkers came to the Sanctuary with his feral mother and 2 other littermates. Momma kitty had been trapped and her kittens rounded up. While Momma kitty is still wild and will never be tame, Checkers has adjusted well to human contact. He is a cute and inquisitive cat who gets along well with all the other cats. Checkers is a bit on the shy side but loves attention (once you talk him into it). He likes to be held and loves to be played with. He is rarely still enough for us to get his picture but he paused for just a second while we were handing out cat treats. Come out and meet Checkers – but you’ll have to look quickly or you will miss this busy guy.
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