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Heeler X  Color: tri-colored
Male neutered, 2 Yr
STRAY, Browning
Ozzie is a wonderfully sweet two-year-old heeler mix currently in foster care. He has an endearing personality that will go to your heart. Once he knows you are a safe person, he loves cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. In his foster care home, Ozzie loves playing with another two-year-old Australian shepherd mix. They play enthusiastically, and run at high speeds. Ozzie respects the home's 12-year-old lab mix, and he treats her gently. He is a terrific hiking/running partner. He loves his couch, and is very happy being near his dog and human foster family. He is highly intelligent. He lived in a rural location where he was kept outside always, even during the coldest winter months. He did endure some harsh treatment. As a result, Ozzie has some fear of boys/men. In his foster home, Ozzie has warmed up to one of his male owners, but it has taken time, gentleness, patience, treats and cuddles. He is a lady's man, and adores cuddling. Learning about the indoor environment, leashes, baths and the vet, was stressful, but Ozzie proved himself to be a quick learner and a consistently sweet dog. He is housebroken in his foster home, and he enjoys his natures walks on a leash. Ozzie needs a kind and lovingly family, preferably with another dog. Because of his time on the streets and unfortunate treatment, he needs a gentle hand, tall fenced yard, and time to bond before he is given too much freedom. He is quite dog savvy due to his life outdoors. He takes comfort in their presence, and he learns from them. He is not likely a candidate for a house with children or small animals (no cats or small dogs). Given his breed and young age, he does need regular exercise. Ozzie is the perfect dog for someone who loves their animals and adores having outdoor adventures with them followed by cuddling. Ozzie is neutered, chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. FMI please complete an on-line matchmaking form at: http://www.lsar.org/form-online-dog-new.htm
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