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GWK=Good With Kids, GWD=Good With Dogs, GWC=Good With Cats HB=HouseBroken
DLH=Domestic Long Hair, DMH=Domestic Medium Hair, DSH=Domestic Short Hair
Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 2/23/2018   [18-Galaxy]   Galaxy
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  3 Yr  
Galaxy can be seen at PetSmart in Kalispell.
[Picture] 2/23/2018   [18-Tanna]   Tanna
Domestic Short Hair,  Tabby black/rust,  Female spayed,  8 Mo  
STRAY: Turtle Lake
Tanna can be seen at PetSmart in Kalispell.
[Picture] 2/23/2018   [18-Matilda]   Matilda
Domestic Short Hair,  gray/white,  Female spayed,  6 Mo  
Matilda can be seen at PetSmart in Kalispell.
[Picture] 2/23/2018   [18-Dexter]   Dexter
Domestic Long Hair,  tabby on white,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
Dexter can be seen at PetSmart in Kalispell.
[Picture] 2/23/2018   [18-Quinton]   Quinton
Domestic Short Hair,  ticked tabby black/white,  Male neutered,  9 Mo  
Quinton can be seen at PetSmart in Kalispell.
[Picture] 2/10/2018   [18-LuLu]   LuLu
Siamese X,  white/gray,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
LuLu doesn't mind being petted after she gets settled in but picking up and loving isn't particularly in her future. She would make a good outside mouser for spring. You would have to keep her contained for a while to let her get accustomed to you and her new home first. Please fill out an online cat adoption form.
[Picture] 2/9/2018   [18-tabetha]   Tabetha
Domestic Short Hair,  tabby with white,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
One yr somewhat wild child. She likes to be petted but not particularly picked up. With the proper introduction to her new environment so she knows where her home is, she would be a perfect outdoor mouser. Please fill out an on line cat adoption form.
[Picture] 1/21/2018   [18-3muskateers]   3 Muskateers
Domestic Long Hair,  white w/gray,  Male neutered,  4 months  
OWNER TURN IN: 3 Muskateers is a very outgoing, loving boy. He loves attention, is mellow and purrs as soon as you look at him. He is wondering if he could live with someone special soon - he will enrich your life immensely
[Picture] 1/21/2018   [18-Crunch]   Crunch
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white tuxedo,  Male neutered,  4 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Crunch seems shy at first but once comfortable he is very sweet, gentle and outgoing. He has a great purr apparatus! He, like his 2 siblings looks for a loving home to call his own!
[Picture] 1/21/2018   [18-annabelle]   Annabelle
Domestic Short Hair,  calico,  Female spayed,  3 months  
Annabelle is a very shy yet sweet kitten. When being petted she 'chirps", purrs and licks your hand very gently. But she is terrified of the world. She barely moves from her spot; wants to hide. I know she will give some lonely person an immense amount of love and affection. She needs someone to save her and she will save you!
[Picture] 1/15/2018   [18-Oliver]   Oliver
Domestic Medium Hair,  gray tabby with white,  Male neutered,  4 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Oliver, Charlie, Rascal and Max came in with their mother Nell (who has already been adopted). All are typical kittens; friendly, active, curious and cute! Oliver and Charlie are gray tabbies; Rascal is smaller and a dark tabby; Max is the smallest and a black/white tuxedo. If interested, please complete an online adoption form on our website at www.lsar.org . Adoption fee for kittens is $60.
[Picture] 1/15/2018   [18-Delaney]   Delaney
Domestic Short Hair,  brown ticked tabby,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
Delaney was found in a barn in St. Ignatius with five kittens. She's a solid gal at 8 pounds (not fat) with a classic ticked tabby coat. She's active, playful, friendly and good with other cats; great lap cat. FMI information Delaney please complete an adoption form on our website at www.lsar.org . Her adoption fee is $50.
[Picture] 1/15/2018   [18-Charlie]   Charlie
Domestic Medium Hair,  gray tabby,  Male,  4 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Oliver, Charlie, Rascal and Max came in with their mother Nell (who has already been adopted). All are typical kittens; friendly, active, curious and cute! Oliver and Charlie are gray tabbies; Rascal is smaller and a dark tabby; Max is the smallest and a black/white tuxedo. If interested, please complete an online adoption form on our website at www.lsar.org . Adoption fee for kittens is $60.
[Picture] 1/15/2018   [17-Jordan1]   Jordan
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Male,  1 Yr  
STRAY: Polson
Jordan was found as a tiny kitten on a dry docked boat in Polson. He has grown into a super handsome black cat with huge round gold eyes. FMI information on Jordan, please complete an online adoption form on our website at www.lsar.org
[Picture] 1/13/2018   [18-Dusty]   Dusty
Domestic Short Hair,  light gray tabby with white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Polson
Courtesy listing: This charmer has been homeless and has still found a way to keep himself well fed; he is one big (18.5 pounds) ball of love. All he wants is a home of his own and someone to cuddle with. He has exceptional manners and is box trained. FMI please contact Linda Roberts at: lynders45@gmail.com .
[Picture] 12/3/2017   [17-Trey]   Trey
Domestic Short Hair,  tabby with white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr  
Trey is very friendly and also very handsome.
[Picture] 11/30/2017   [17-Spice]   Spice
Domestic Short Hair,  tabby,  Female,  2 Yr  

[Picture] 11/25/2017   [17-Inky]   Inky
Domestic Medium Hair,  black,  Male neutered,  6 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Friendly, well socialized, good with other animals. Inky is all black with one long white whisker ! This kitten will meld into any home.
[Picture] 11/22/2017   [17-faithnoel]   Faith Noel
Domestic Short Hair,  Tabby w/white,  Female spayed,  8 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Faith is at first very shy. She went through a lot of trauma; first losing her mom unexpectedly to disease. While her dad followed the mom only 2 months later, also without warning. Both of them loved her unconditionally. Poor Faith stayed in alone their home for a few more weeks being feed by friends until she was brought to us. Behind her shy shell is a very sweet, funny and playful kitty. She will make a great companion and friend for a lonely soul.
[Picture] 11/15/2017   [17-silvertip]   Silver Tip
Domestic Long Hair,  silver tabby,  Female spayed,  10 Mo  
[Picture] 11/15/2017   [17-Amelie]   Amelie
Domestic Short Hair,  orange tabby,  Female spayed,  6 Mo  
[Picture] 11/15/2017   [17-Skippy]   Skippy
Domestic Short Hair,  white with gray tabby patches,  Male neutered,  3 months  
Skippy and Smitty are brothers; both are super cute and very friendly.
[Picture] 11/15/2017   [17-Blackie]   Blackie
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Female spayed,  10 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: His favorite spot is in his hammock with his sister Silver Tip.
[Picture] 11/12/2017   [17-Mercy]   Mercy
Siamese X,  gray/white,  Female,  8 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Mercy is my very very special little girl that was attacked by a dog and has permanent neurological damage. Although she has come so very far, she still and probably will always have difficulty using her back legs. She gets around amazingly well and goes wherever she gets in her mind to go. She uses her front claws to climb and loves her cat tree and to lounge on the couch. She loves snuggling and watching the TV screen. She is so full of personality you can't help but love her. Because it is difficult for her to get around on hard floors she would do best in a home that is mostly carpeted and with other pet friendly pets. Please fill out an adoption form online and the foster person will call you and visit about her and answer all your questions.
[Picture] 10/28/2017   [17-Lillith]   Lillith
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Female spayed,  4 months  
ABANDONED: Irvine Flats Rd., Polson
Lilleth is highly intelligent and super active and inquisitive. Very friendly and sweet and healthy.
[Picture] 10/28/2017   [17-Shy]   Shy
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Female spayed,  4 months  
ABANDONED: Irvine Flats Rd., Polson
Shy is sweet, laid back, very friendly, healthy and a bit shy.
[Picture] 10/26/2017   [17-Tosca]   Tosca
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Female spayed,  Kitten  
OWNER TURN IN: Tosca is a little more shy than her sister Trina.
[Picture] 10/26/2017   [17-NancyD]   NancyD
Siamese/Calico,  mostly white,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
STRAY: St. Ignatius
Super sweet and gentle. She's mostly white with flamepoint hints and a calico striped tail.
[Picture] 10/26/2017   [17-Trina]   Trina
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Female spayed,  4 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Very affectionate. Loves to climb up and observe from above.
[Picture] 10/26/2017   [17-Corky]   Corky
Domestic Short Hair,  orange/white tabby,  Male neutered,  Kitten  
STRAY: Eli Gap Rd., Polson
Corky was very tiny when he arrived, but full of spunk..and he hasn't stopped. He loves to play!
[Picture] 9/30/2017   [17-Jordan]   Jordan
DLH,  black/white,  Male neutered,  Adult  
STRAY: Round Butte Rd.
Courtesy listing: Please call June at (406) 529-7122 or email: jordanpropertiesllc@msn.com for more information on this handsome cat.
[Picture] 3/12/2017   [17-Halton]   Halton
Domestic Short Hair,  ticked tabby,  Male neutered,  6 Mo  
[Picture] 3/12/2017   [17-Jennings]   Jennings
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Male neutered,  6 Mo  
[Picture] 3/4/2017   [17-Misty]   Misty
Domestic Medium Hair,  gray,  Female spayed,  Older Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: Misty is one of 8 cats we took in when their owner died. Misty is the oldest at around 13. She's had a little "tune up" (shave down and dental) and is doing well; blood work shows she's pretty healthy for an old gal. She is very low maintenance - she eats, sleeps and sits in your lap. We'd love to find a "retirement lap" for her to enjoy. FMI please complete an online matchmaking form at: http://www.lsar.org/form-online-cat.htm .
[Picture] 3/4/2017   [17-Stubby]   Stubby
Manx,  calico,  Female spayed,  Adult  
OWNER TURN IN: My owner died and left 8 cags behind, 6 have been adopted and I'm one of the last looking for a loving home. Take a look at my tail and you'll know why I was named Stubby, My tail, by the way, wags like a dog (too cute). I'm pretty laid back, enjoy napping during the day and sleeping on your pillow at night. I'm not above playing with toys though. I am blind in my left eye but that doesn't bother me.
[Picture] 1/2/2017   [17-Cami]   Cami
Domestic Short Hair,  dilute calico,  Female spayed,  Adult  
[Picture] 12/16/2016   [16-Rasta]   Rasta
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Male neutered,  Kitten  
Rasta wants to be part of the action; he's very happy to sit in your lap or sleep on your pillow.
[Picture] 8/24/2016   [16-Turtle]   Turtle
Domestic Short Hair,  tortoiseshell,  Female spayed,  8 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Turtle the Torti (for tortoiseshell color) is fabulous. She's still a kitten, is very playful and athletic and does this little thing where she stretches out her back legs one at a time . we call it the "turtle stretch". She gets along with everyone, plays with the other cats or by herself, and is a very easy keeper. Although she doesn't like to be held too long she loves being petted and spoiled. She came to LSAR last fall along with 12 siblings and cousins, all of whom have been adopted .along with their 2 moms. Turtle is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every day.and who doesn't need a daily smile. FMI please contact Linda at (406) 883-5978 or email: jimcrawford@centurytel.net .
[Picture] 6/19/2016   [16-Dukecat]   Duke
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white tuxedo,  Male neutered,  Adult  
ABANDONED: St. Ignatius
Duke was abandoned when his owners stole away in the night, leaving the landlord with a mess. After a fairly lengthy transition, he's settled into the foster home routine. But, he would love a home of his own; one where he could just hang out. His favorite time of day is mealtime ... he loves his Fancy Feast !
[Picture] 5/30/2016   [15-Georgia]   Georgia
Domestic Long Hair,  dark gray tabby,  Female spayed,  8 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Georgia is looking for a quiet home; one where her new family will allow her to adjust in her own time. She's very sweet and gentle and does fine in her foster home with other cats.
[Picture] 9/10/2015   [15-Ollie]   Ollie
Domestic Medium Hair,  black,  Male neutered,  7 Mo  
STRAY: Polson
Ollie has turned into a very handsome boy with a super shiny black coat, and a fluffy tail that is black/smoke. He loves his morning pets.
[Picture] 9/10/2015   [15-Olive]   Olive
Domestic Short Hair,  black,  Female spayed,  7 Mo  
STRAY: Polson
Olive has a sleek, shiny black coat and (look carefully at the picture) just a few white hairs on her nose. She loves to play.
[Picture] 7/21/2015   [15-Basil]   Basil
Domestic Short Hair,  gray tabby with white,  Male neutered,  8 Mo  
Basil is a very handsome gray tabby. He arrived with his mother Angelica when he was barely 6 weeks old. The rest of his siblings were adopted fairly quickly, but he's not a "hands on" guy and will need just the right kind of home . He does well with other cats.
[Picture] 7/12/2015   [15-Angelica]   Angelica
Domestic Long Hair,  Tortoiseshell with white,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
STRAY: Pablo
Angelica has a strikingly beautiful coat of black/orange/white and great "ear furnishings". She will add pizzazz to your home.
[Picture] 9/16/2012   [12-cindylou]   CindyLou
Domestic Short Hair,  white/black,  Female spayed,  Adult  
Cindy Lou has quite the personality; she's playful, comical, sweet (on her terms) and a little independent. She has an easy to manage short white and black coat and interesting almond shaped eyes. She is the last of 34 cats from a hoarder case looking for a special home. She has asthma and requires easy to administer daily medication. Cindy Lou can be seen at Southshore Veterinary Service. Cindy Lou's adoption fee has been sponsored by Teresa Fenger in memory of her uncle.
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