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[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-Summer]   Summer
Lab/Cattle Dog X,  brown with white,  Female spayed,  3 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Adoption pending.
[Picture] 2/16/2018   [18-Winter]   Winter
Lab/Cattle Dog X,  black with white,  Female spayed,  3 months  
OWNER TURN IN: Adoption pending.
[Picture] 2/9/2018   [18-Babs]   Babs
Medium Mixed Breed,  brown,  Female spayed,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Babs has an uncertain history. She has two very deep scars on her head. The previous owners that adopted her had no idea of her history either. Babs has come a very long way in building confidence. She will need a new person that can give her clear and consistent direction to help continue to build her confidence. She is a very sweet and loving girl that will need time and patience. I would suggest her new home not have other animals that are smaller than her. She only weighs 40# soaking wet . Please fill out an on line dog adoption form .
[Picture] 10/6/2017   [17-Elsa2]   Elsa
English Shepherd,  black/white,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Elsa is a sweet, intelligent, energetic young adult girl. She is good with small dogs and a little bossy with bigger dogs. All around a great dog. FMI please complete our form: http://www.lsar.org/form-online-dog-new.htm
[Picture] 3/15/2017   [17-Dukelab]   Duke
Labrador Retriever,  yellow,  Male neutered,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Courtesy listing: Looking for a caring home for Duke, approximately 8 year old neutered male yellow lab. Duke is a sweet, loving, energetic senior dog. He may be 8 but has the energy level of a much younger dog. He is good with other dogs but probably not with cats. He was taken in as a stray three years ago, but owner is older and with some health issues so is having trouble caring for him and would like to re-home him. Duke has suffered from seizures, but takes a daily medication that does control that. If you have a place in your family for a great guy like Duke, please call Ron at (406) 676-0329
[Picture] 4/28/2015   [15-Rosalie]   Rosalie
Dachshund/Pomeranian,  reddish,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
: Rosie has been here a little over a year. She is very much a sweetheart with all people she meets. But as time has passed it is very clear she has a real problem with all dogs larger than her. Her first instinct is to attack them, and if around other large dogs, it could get her hurt. Additionally she hates cats and will chase if given the chance. She would definitely be best as the only pet. And would not be a good bet at a dog park, walking, anywhere she will come in contact with other dogs. She loves being inside, loves lounging on her pillows, likes to have her nylabones to chew on. Adopter has to have a very secure fenced in yard. She will check the fence for any places to escape. Rosie is part terrier and she chases (up and down inside the fence!!) all cars, kids on bikes and people walking by. And she barks a lot when outside. But she will stop if supervised and we have been working on both the chasing and barking. She will take a special home and a person willing to look past her bad habits, and see the loving girl she is.
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