Jed     05/31/94 - 09/28/00   loved by Jeff, Jen, Skylar & Tanner Kleid  

We adopted Jed a month ago from a couple who supposedly could not keep him because of their landlord. However, his vet records told the tale...he had lymphoma -cancer, and they didn't want to provide for his care. We were heartbroken, but convinced that a higher power had brought us together. Jed proved that every day he was with us...his sweet, gentle nature with our children, his respect for our feline family member, his loyal eyes that earned him many a table scrap. He was the ultimate dog that our family had been searching for, for such a long time. That time was short, but sweet, and we made sure that Jed had the home he deserved in his last days. He even had a steak dinner last night, the last night that we had Jed snoring at the foot of our bed. We bestowed the last act of kindness that true pet lovers can give a loyal friend who is in pain. He was too good a boy to let get any sicker. I didn't want to wait, Jed, to give you the memorial that you deserve, and to thank all of the kind-hearted people who have reached out to us when they heard Jed's story. We'll be meeting you with your hunting buoy, ready for a swim, boy. Don't forget to say hi to Rebel for us. I love you...I miss my "chocolate shadow."


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