My name is Muttly. I am a little Shih Tzu dog. I can’t tell you about my puppy days, but my mommy found me in an animal shelter in Fort Bragg, California when I was 15 months old. This was Christmas 1990, and I was with her until July 1, 2005. The last few months of my life weren’t very good; I couldn’t go up and down the back steps, so Perry built a ramp for me. He even carpeted it! Then, later I couldn’t even use that (my legs just couldn’t carry me) so Dawn or Perry had to carry me when I had to go. I lived with my mommy in Fort Bragg until June of 1995 and then we sold our home there and came to Great Falls; and that is when I met Aunt Mae. Aunt Mae lived next door to where we moved. I sure loved Aunt Mae. She was always glad to see me and even took care of me when my mommy went on little trips around Montana. Then Aunt Mae had to go into a rest home and my mommy would take me to see her there. Sometimes, we would put Aunt Mae in a wheel chair and mommy would push her and I, well, I went right along as an escort. I was very proud doing that! I even got to know and make friends with some of the people at the rest home. It was very lonely after Aunt Mae died. I have had some good friends, in Peggy and Leonard, Lee, Violet, Johnny and Joanne, and Monie, but my friend Dawn was a real friend up to the last. I used to wait for her to come home from work. I would take up my post at 3:30 every afternoon and wait for her; and when she picked me up, that was best of all. I was so happy then and I purposely put this look on my face; saying, “See where I am?” When we moved to 2322, I “rode” the fence every morning to see that there were no openings. I really felt that was necessary. And now I am resting beneath the bigger apple tree. I can watch my mommy and Dawn and Perry come and go, and keep an eye on them.


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