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Recent Adoptions and Reunions

[Picture] 11/16/2017   [17-08-013]   Raider
Cocker/Beagle X,  black/white,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
ADOPTED: Adopted to a lovely home in Butte.
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-05-018]   Jesse
Cattledog/Shepherd X,  cream,  Male neutered,  Young Adult  
ADOPTED: A note from his new Mom "Jesse is settling right in and John (his new Dad) is gaining trust. Finley and Jesse have also re-established their bond, and play a lot now!"
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-09-013]   Peg
Pit Bull/Labrador X,  chocolate brown,  Female spayed,  6 Mo  
ADOPTED: Peg was chosen for her breed (and her good looks) and will be living in Missoula.
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-09-021]   Finley
Great Dane/Shepherd X,  tan/white/black muzzle,  Female spayed,  Young Adult  
ADOPTED: From Finley's application "Finley is energetic, great personality, and easy to get to know." Finley and his pal, Jesse, get to live near Townsend.
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-09-017]   Ella
Border Collie X,  black/white,  Female spayed,  8-10 wks.  
ADOPTED: This lucky pup gets to live in the Bitterroot Valley (Sula actually). Her new Dad wrote that she has "very tender eyes" and was a good fit for their older Border collie. Ella will have the companionship of another dog, 2 cats, 7 pigs, 5 brown Swiss cows, 40 chickens and 17 turkeys. That should keep her busy!
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-09-025]   Boston
Border Collie X,  black/white,  Male neutered,  < 1 yr.  
ADOPTED: Adopted by a Butte couple who are sweet and loving dog parents. Their 15 year old dog recently passed away.
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-10-003]   Sebastian
Border Collie X,  black/white/brindle,  Male neutered,  9 weeks  
ADOPTED: Sebastian has moved to Missoula with his new, active folks. See you on the trails, Sebastian!
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-10-005]   George
Border Collie X,  tri - black/white/brown,  Male neutered,  9 weeks  
ADOPTED: George has relocated to Helena where he will accompany his new folks on their great adventures.
[Picture] 11/13/2017   [17-10-010]   Princess
Cockapoo,  black with white sprinkles,  Female spayed,  7 yrs.  
ADOPTED: Princess was lucky enough to move to beautiful Ennis MT where she wil be spoiled.
[Picture] 11/12/2017   [17-PP091C]   Bernadette
DMH,  black/white tuxedo,  Female spayed,  6 weeks  
ADOPTED: Adopted to an active home in Helena where she will have other cat and dog friends.
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