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DSH  Color: black/white tuxedo
Male neutered, 6 weeks
Born 08/28/2017, a litter of four darling black and white kitties were born to Beverly, another beautiful affectionate, black and white, tuxedo cat. Leonard is the biggest of the litter, and he has done all the 'firsts'... all that you would expect a kitten to learn. Howard (another of the litter) is not just solid black. on his neck, it looks like it might turn a little white. he has those "ghost stripes" like mama Beverly, that appear brown in bright sunlight, but he looks just black in dimmer light. Leonard has them too. It'll be interesting to see how their coats turn out as adults. They all are weaned and litter box trained. They all are sweet and cuddly. This family is in foster care, so get your application in and arrange a time to meet them. Adoption pending.
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