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Heeler/Hound X  Color: red merle
Female spayed, 2 Yr
When Laurel came into Pintler Pets she was horribly underweight, drank water constantly, had mammary tumors and a huge raw spot on the side of her face. A stay at the vet determined that she is diabetic, but now that she is on the right diet, getting insulin and a lot of attention she's up to a healthy weight, drinking a normal amount of water and the raw spot is almost completely healed. The mammary tumor was biopsied and it's benign. She's playful and climbs into a lap or rolls onto her back for tummy rubs every opportunity that she gets. She would love to have her own home where she could be someone's best adventure buddy. Laurel needs an easy to give insulin injection twice a day and glucose management food. She isn't good with cats or small dogs.
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