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Montana Rescue Groups & Contacts

Afghan Rescue
Email Lynn Vining in Victor at CosiFanTutte123@msn.com or call (406)-642-6886.

Airedale Rescue contacts
Missoula: Nancy Van Allen (Dogs Life Rescue) at pippyee@msn.com or call (406)-251-5359.

Akita Rescue
Email Troy and Cecille Juresko: washingtonakitagroup@earthlink.net or call 509-467-0460 (lives in WA but also covers MT.)
Email Laura quantum@oregontrail.net (lives in Oregon but also covers MT.)

Anatolian Shepherd Rescue
Email Debi Bradford at western@nasrn.com
Email Dana Warren at deensy10@yahoo.com

Basset Rescue
Email Leslie in Frenchtown at bassetrescuemt@gmail.com or call (406)-207-0765.
Email Holly Moen in Cody, WY at bassetrescue@tctwest.net or call (307)272-8089
Email Pat Vandell in Billings at patv@allianceyc.org or call (406)-628-4316.

Belgian Malinois Rescue
Email Stephanie in Hamilton at: info@montanagsdrescue.org or call (406)-381-6885.
Email Marion Erp, in Helena at meerp@mcn.net or call (406)-442-3513.

Boxer Rescue
Email Tracy in Whitefish Northeastern Boxer Rescue at boxerhelper@gmail.com
Email Shelley Cumella (Black Hills Boxer Rescue): bhboxerrescue@aol.com (lives in Rapid City, SD and very generously covers MT. too.)

Brittany Rescue
Brittany Rescue in Montana (BRIM)
Email Melissa Morris at lotsadogsmt@hotmail.com or call (406) 949-5364.
BRIM can also help with special needs Brittanys.

Catahoula Leopard Hound
Email Janeen Jackson in Roundup at jj4@midrivers.com or call (406)-323-3519.

Help For Homeless Pets in Billings
Kitty Keepers in Havre
Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc. in Billings

Cavalier King Charles Rescue
Email Jo Daley-Croft: ejdaley@earthlink.net or call (801) 965-0531 (lives in ID but also covers MT. and ID.)

Chesapeake Rescue
Email Susan Sperry in Helena at ssperry@mt.gov or call (406) 442-6397
Email Briedi Treece at btreece@vetmed.wsu.edu (lives in Idaho but also covers MT.) or Stephanie Hansen at stephhansen@pobox.com (lives in WA but also helps cover MT.) or call (509)-929-1933.

Chinese Crested Rescue contact
FMI: Sherry in Helena at Mtwaggin@mt.net or call (406) 459-3435 (after 5 please).

Collie: Collie Club of America
American Working Collie Association
Contact Debi in Helena at debi_pace@hotmail.com or call (406)-403-3012.

Cardigan Corgi
Email Susan Lassila (Shadowalk Cardigan Corgis) in Stevensville at shadowalk@montana.com or call (406)-777-5570.
Email Rhonda Yost (Yellowstone All Corgi Club) in Billinngs at rhondaly@usadig.com or call (406)-633-2325.

English Bulldog Rescue
FMI: Ellen Putnam in Kalispell boodogmama@gmail.com

English Setter Rescue contact
FMI: Art Compton in Helena at artcompton@charter.net or call (406) 431-5946.

French Bulldog Rescue Network
Bulldog Haven NW
Rescue and adoption organization for French and English Bulldogs
Email info@bulldoghavennw.org
French Bulldog Rescue- Polson Montana.
FMI: Tiecha Broussard (337)339-1024

German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue
Email Nancy in Glendive (Lazy Hearts Kennel) at lzyharts@midrivers.com

Giant Schnauzer Rescue
Email Miriam Rose CPDT-KA, CNWI at mimmery@aol.com (lives in Seattle and covers the whole NW region for the Giant Schnauzer Club of America.)

Golden Retriever Rescue
Big Timber: Nancy Hasbrook mtgoldns@gmail.com
Butte: Barb Cockhill b_cockhill@yahoo.com call (406)-490-1784 or 406-723-5158.
Ennis: Bernice Apte Plante at Susieq@3rivers.net or call (406)-682 5444.
Gt. Falls: Chuck & Sally Cerny cscer@bresnan.net call (406)-454-1720.
Missoula: Karin Flint at phillee21@gmail.com
Missoula: Gayland Enockson at gknocky@gmail.com

Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana
See also: Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana
Email Carole McLaughlin in Hamilton, MT at carolemt@montana.com or call (406)-375-0719.

Greyhound: Rocky Mountain Chapter Greyhound Pets of America
Billings: Cindy House, (406)-248-5619 or cindyh@cu.net
Butte: Melanie Woolery, (406) 723-5016 or melaniewoolery@yahoo.com
Gt. Falls: Whitney Olson, (406) 788-6776 or whitneyolson@mac.com
Missoula area: Judy Schlappy, (406)-721-0623 or jpfaff@montana.com
Whitefish area: Sheri Glaspey, (406)-862-3656 or sherig@digisys.net
Help with transportation is available to the right home.
See available hounds Here

Irish Setter Rescue
Email Doug Griffiths, DVM in Libby at douggriff@montanasky.tv or call (406)-293-7410.

Irish Water Spaniel contact
Email Marion Erp, in Helena at meerp@mcn.net or call (406)-442-3513.

Italian Greyhound Rescue
Email Michele at missy@salmoninternet.com (lives in Idaho but also covers MT.) Phone: (208)-756-6771.

Karelian Bear Dog: LaMancha Animal Rescue
Email Dru Campbell at LaManchaRescue@comcast.net or call (610)-384-7976. Dru lives in PA. but has very generously rescued many KBD's in MT.

Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue
Helena area: Charlotte Crosswhite in Clancy, (406) 459-5757 or Rhiahl@dishmail.net

Kuvasz Rescue
Email Florence Mattice (Mattiaci Kuvasz Kennel) in Garrison & Bozeman at OfMattiaci@aol.com

Mastiff Rescue
Email CeCe in Kalispell at cecewardell@yahoo.com or call (406)-261-3065.
Email Kim Gould in Helena at dogtrainer@mt.net or call (406)-227-5408.

Miniature Schnauzer Clubs & Rescue
Email Dianne in Helena at di@montanapets.org or call (406)-443-6488. Unable to house dogs but can assist with placement.

Min Pin: IMPS Miniature Pinscher Purebred Rescue
Corvallis: FMI: Dawn Moore: wdapllama@aol.com or call (406)-961-4940.

Old English Sheepdog Rescue
Sandy Pidgeon at 406-587-9153 or EM: pidgeon@wildblue.net

Papillion Rescue
Email Sandy Schumacher in Gt. Falls at sandy.schumacher@mpls.frb.org or call (406)-761-3937. Unable to house dogs but can assist with placement.

Painted Parrot Rescue
Email Angela Boland, in Glasgow at paintedparrots@nemont.net or call (406) 228-2414. Leave a message if no answer.

Pekingese Rescue
Email Jennie Didier in Lothair at jsdinmt@gmail.com
Montana Peke Rescue in Columbia Falls
Email Sherry Scott-Hall in Columbia Falls at montana_peke_rescue@bresnan.net

Rat Terrier Rescue
Email Shelly Keever, in Havre at shellykeever@q.com or call (406)-265-9007.

Reptiles & Parrots
Mostly Scales Snake & Reptile Rescue
Turtle & Tortoise Sanctuary
We are able to take any type big or small, reptiles that are legal to own in Montana state, tortoises, and box turtles. Click on this link to see the adoptables.
Email Angela Boland, in Zortman at angelaboland71@yahoo.com or call (406) 673-3557. Leave a message if no answer.

Exotic Wildlife, Reptiles, Birds, and Ratites
Animal Ed.ventures
All species - Licensed for controlled, non-controlled, and prohibited.
Specialize in rare, temperamental, and hard to handle species
FMI: Cory Freeman 406-323-3291 or porcupinesunltd@yahoo.com

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
Email Peggy Winston in Laurel at winridge@gmail.com or call (406)-628-2021.

Rottweiler: Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue
BSRR keeps a current list of Rottweilers available for adoption on this site.
Email: info@bigskyrottrescue.org or call Troy in Bozeman at (406)-585-9362 or Kathy Hooper in Riverton, Wyoming at (307) 850-8847.

Saint Bernard: Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation
Email Cheryl (lives in Eastern WA, covers MT) at c2dogs2@yahoo.com or call (509) 276-2112.

Schipperke: Sandy Paws Schipperke Rescue
Email Sandy Church in Roundup at wschurch@midrivers.com or call (406)-323-3254.

Sharpei: North American Shar-pei Rescue
Helena: email Nancy at tiantiancsp@yahoo.com (Tian Tian Chinese Shar-Pei) or call (406)-449-2390
Great Falls: email Kim Flanagan windyriversp@live.com
Our adoption fees are $175 to cover the vet bills.

Sheltie Rescue
Serving MT.: Wyoming Sheltie Rescue
Contact Marie Rodgers at (307) 277-3777 or marier@wildblue.net
Email Ron in Helena (contact only but can help) at di@montanapets.org or call (406)-443-6488. Unable to house dogs but can assist with placement.

Springer: English Springer Rescue America
Email Jill Honer (Whitehall) montanaesra@gmail.com or call 406-491-2040.

Standard Schnauzer Rescue
Call Patricia Fenney in Havre at (406)-265-7170.

Tiny Tails k-9 Rescue
All breed small dog rescue.
Diana Stafford in Manhattan: TinyTailsK9Rescue@Live.com or call (406)-580-2006.

Vizsla Rescue
Rebecca (Utah) at rebel@utahvizsla.org or call: (801)-272-9390
Penny Fenton (Boise, ID.) at pfenton@utahvizsla.org
or call (208)-343-6620 or cell: (208)-859-5698.
(These contacts cover MT. in addition to their own states.)

Weimaraner Rescue
Email Nancy in Glendive (Lazy Hearts Kennel) at lzyharts@midrivers.com

Xoloitzcuintle Rescue
FMI: Sherry in Helena at Mtwaggin@mt.net or call (406) 459-3435 (after 5 please).